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Kitchen Designers

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Kitchen Designers

My wife has always had a good eye for designing, be it colour schemes for thr living room, fitted furniture for the bedbroom or even a bespoke design for kitchens. So, it was really interesting when we went visiting friends in Thatcham – friends who were about to have a new kitchen designed. Knowing my wife’s “penchant” for design, or as they put it “you have an eye for these things” we looked over some of their potential plans.

To be fair most of the designs we looked at were absolutely brilliant. Kitchens in Berkshire are obviously the “in thing” as I was suitably impressed by what we saw. By far the best deisgn was from these Guys – Anthony Mullan

bespoke kitchens in berkshire

Just look at this amazing bespoke design in their website header image. The worktops are the deepest black ganite you could ever imagine with those amazing little sparkly bits in it. It just looks so amazing when the under cupboard lights shine on the work surfaces and the granite almost seems to shimmer and sparkle.

I also really like the contrast between the wooden fronts and cupboards and the darker granite. This against the brilliant (and shiney) silver fawcet and utensils gives a stunning contrast that it is difficult to match.

They were also considering a coloured design based around a red tiling backwash and red coupboard fronts. I wasn’t so sure about this and whilst my wife did point out a number of positives, this design came third.

The final design under consideration was far more contemporary with lots of white frontage. Whilst it looked great it was agreed it suffered from a lack of contrast and would probably be extremely, extremely difficult to keep clean. Let’s face it, a kitchen not only has to look good, it does have to be pracrtical as well. If you’re like us we cook most nights, so it needs to be easily maintained and cleaned as well. So, this design was knocked back into second and the traditional design shown in the picture won.

All three of the designs under consideration were from Anthony Mullan and they clearly outshone the other kitchen designers around the Berks area. If you’d like to check out their designs you can find them at:-

Here are some pretty cooldesign ideas for you to check out.